1000 Fingers of Decision

Dec 26 – 30, 2016 at the New York Hall of Science, Queens NY, as part of ACCESS Artist Scientist Collaborations.

Re-boot March 1 – April 30, 2017 at ARTech: Adventures in Art + Technology, A Temporary Activity Center for Children” 451-459 West 14th Street NYC.

1000 Fingers of Decision is a project re-envisioning our actions as human beings in the face of climate change. Working with Philosopher of Bioethics, Matthew Liao, whose inventive and thought-provoking work regarding choices in re-engineering humans to make a better planet and lessen our carbon footprint (ranging from engineering smaller people who would require less energy and resources; to wearing patches that cause allergic reactions that would force vegetarianism to lessen livestock and greenhouse emissions), this project investigates human options with regard to the planet.

With an ear to Professor Liao’s ideas, combined with Dashow’s belief in nature’s existence beyond human necessity, 1000 Fingers of Decision takes visitors through some important questions in order to consider one’s relationship to nature, the needs of the planet and the current state of things, as well as the importance of decision-making. The piece prompts visitors to take action and think of new ideas with regards to how they see themselves existing on the planet with its impending needs and issues. Starting with a polling booth, including a series of logical and scientific questions of ethics (see some samples below), visitors then move into a place with 5 options for taking personal action or not (via a hand-made ceramic finger provided by Dashow). Each option for action will be set up as a kiosk, staffed by personnel who will describe the benefits of the choice with passion. Choices range from:

1. Stewardship and Farming (choice to plant a seed)

2. The Meat Patch (choice to vow to not eat meat for the day)

3. The Donation Station (take a pledge of allowances for rotating environmental groups)

4. Eating a Donut (choice to indulge oneself and eat a munchkin)

or the 5th, unstated option is to leave without action of any sort.


Visitors are also invited to envision their own solutions, at the Research Drawing Station, where they can draw their own inventive ideas and choices. Dashow and Liao hope 1000 Fingers will provide young people with ways to think outside of the box and spark new ideas for how to personally confront Climate Change.

This project is a part of the ACCESS Artist Scientist Collaborations at the New York Hall of Science to see more about this visit ACCESS.