Pent-Up and Under Gone

In the present future time of now, the earth reclaims itself and the people have undergone.

Upon entering the boarded up gallery in Chelsea, the viewer encounters a subdued glow, steam rises from mounds of earth and dirt, and the wreckage of a fallen lighthouse levitates above the floor. Looking into the crevices of the fallen edifice, one discerns an infestation of cockroaches and worms. Pressing on, the spectator encounters a visual labyrinth of tunnels, caves, and the demise of industry. These images are shown through the faces of The Informants, five interactive video pods, activated as the spectator moves about the space. Set on robot-like steel structures, these monitors appear as the heads of mechanical arachnids. On the wall, looming between these structures, gleams the mesmerizing projection of a slowly spinning Marbleized eye. All the while, sounds from insects mix with early American a cappella style songs which whisper “crows descend the city looking… this empire toppled some time around now”.

The back room contains an over-sized book possibly found amongst the ruins and other evidence of the demise.

A collaboration with Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz.

Sound composition –  Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg written by Carrie Dashow




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