Under Island

Subliminal History of New York State, begins with Chapter 1: Under Island.

Under Island is a chronicle of living land, breathing through us and the structures atop of it. Quarantined by Manhattan, it is gutted by progress, yet remains a tiny bit growing wild.

I wanted to connect with and understand the very strangely energized place of Roosevelt Island. Working with Roosevelt Island Historian, Judy Berdy in 2004, I enlisted three local teenagers and writer/musician Sxip Shirey for weekly rehearsals combining my Island research and brainstorming. What emanated was an unbelievable story. October 2004

Documentation of slide show performance and installation held on Roosevelt Island and at MoMA/PS1, Queens NY. Installation with Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz.

Subsequent Projects:

The story of Under Island was written into 21 Shape Note songs which were printed into a limited edition book and recorded into a cd with Traditional singers in the WidowJane Mine, Rosendale NY.

  • Limited edition silkscreen tune book, UNDER ISLAND: The Land Revolts
  • Under Island, Compact Disc with Jesse Pearlman Karsberg and GiganticArtSpace
  • Subliminal History of New York State: Rosendale
  • Subliminal History of New York State: The Route of Progress


  • Grizedale Arts and the Henry Moore Foundation of Great Britain.
  • Compact Disc: GiganticArtSpace
  • Silkscreen book, Women’s Studio Workshop

A compact disc of 21 original shape note songs telling the story of UNDER ISLAND written by Carrie Dashow and composed by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg was recorded in the Widow Jane Mine, Rosendale, New York with traditional singers. The CD was released both regular and as special edition with a small silkscreen booklet.



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