Yesiree The Public Notary

A New York State Notary commissioned by the Department of State, Yesiree specializes in Public Notarizations; Oaths, Affirmations and Acknowledgments. As a state sanctioned legal witness, a Public Notary confirms the identity of a signer. This is done through identification cards or witnesses and sworn promises. Most notably, and often overlooked, is the Verbal Ceremony. As in a covenant, this legally binding ceremony, the signer must aloud break the air, the space between internal and external and swear or affirm to any higher power chosen, that they indeed are who they say they are. Along with this and the threat of perjury, the signer is accountable for the actions promised. If broken, signer will be punished by to that which they swear or affirm. Public Notary’s can sometimes be found at a bank, or at a corner candy store. For further official interest, please visit the Notary Handbook, I find the section on Oaths particularly interesting.

All performances of Yesiree are up to Date on the BLOG: Yesiree The Public Notary

What about Yesiree?

With an examination of authority and its subjectivity, questioning our need for it and a foundation of insecurity from personal and more broadly, legal implication. Just as one may need outside advice on minor personal details; a new pair of shoes, what to cook for dinner.. under the law citizens are required an official witness to validate one’s identity, and in turn, be believed, hither to, trust another.

What stops us from believing ourself? and that being enough?

What are the risks in trusting a lone entity, one without confirmation?

Native American, Quakers and many other communities around the world believe that the word is truth, just by saying it – it is true. ie: “giving your word.” Recognizing this negative influence within our culture, Yesiree employs the more positive forces of the Notary to legally bring about trust in one’s self and others, by instigating the self as higher power by which we swear to, ie: are responsible for and to, under penalty of perjury, as we, ourselves, deem fit.

Yesiree aims to invert the implication of this deep mistrust, from personal to political, assisting citizens to take back the power of their affirmation and re-link accountability to one’s self, through the creation of a personal covenant.

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Scroll down for a video of Yesiree in action at Zuccotti Park.

The list of performances are growing, please visit the blog for documentation and updates. 


  • AiOP 2015: RECALL Thinker in Residence: Mary Ting. Oct 2015

  • Hyperallergic: Oct 2015, Art in Odd Places Revisits a Decade of Fleeting Experiences.

  • National Notary Association: Magazine edition. Jan 2012, Ethical Practices Amongst Notaries and the Financial Crisis. Dave Thun.

  • Arts Practical 3.4 Of Friction, Of Location, Of Context: Nov 2011, Web: Aesthetic Events in Occupation: Authorizing Ideals. Elyse Mallouk.
  • Lo Donna, Saturday supplement to Corriere della Sera: Nov 2011, Italian Daily. Women at Occupy Wall Street, Notary, Nicola Scevola.
  • Woodstock Times: Oct 27, 2011, Hope is in the Air. Violet Snow.
  • The New York Times, City Room: Oct 2011, WEB: Wall Street Protest moves to Washington Square Park.
  • These Gentlemen Art, Politics, Life Blog: Oct 2011, Interview Yesiree the Public Notary at Occupy Wall Street.
  • Upcoming: New York Arts OWS Segment. TBA

Notarization Performances and Exhibitions:


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