SHNYS: Rosendale

Subliminal History visits Rosendale, New York. Roosevelt Island begins its traverse upriver and finds itself falling in love with a lighthouse along the way.  Veering towards the Esopus, it ends up in the Rondout creek and the caverns of the old limestone mines in Rosendale, NY.

A 2 month project digging through history of the local land and its use with the Century House Historical Society culminates inside the Widow Jane Mine. A 1.5 hour participatory performance included singing, actions and projections and was attended by Rosendale and Kingston residents. The day began with a Shape Note  singing school (traditional 4 part harmony, originating in New England acapella singing style) for those interested.

Performance written and directed by Carrie Dashow. Song text: C. Dashow, composition and Shape Note singing instruction by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. Research assistance and location provided by the Century House Historical Society, and our dear friend Dietrich Werner, July 2006



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Together we sing Mortal Mortar Made of Death about the matter of pneumatic cement (limestone) that comprises the Widow Jane Mine, Rosendale NY.


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