A.I.R. NYC Public Schools

Mount Loretto, District 75, 7/8th grade, Staten Island, New York 1999.

“Spreading the Knowledge”. From a 10 week residency in a District 75 school where many students were transitional between moves or detention centers. All scenes were conceived of, storyboarded and planned in pre production by the students. Lyrics were written by the students with their music teacher. A.I.R. with Young Audiences NY.

Camera War and Performance Selects. P.S. 7, A.I.R. Henry Street Settlement, Queens, New York  2000.

Excerpts taken from a 10-week after school program with 3rd graders in Queens. Once introducing the concept of video mixing, the students took charge and created this unplanned performance video called ‘Camera War’. Later, the students were asked to come up with new performance and scenarios to use the video mixer, they chose; a fortune-teller, weatherman and a cheese plastic cup house builder, and The Sink Band.

Power of One. 6th grade, PS 176, AIR Artsgenesis, Queens, New York  1999.


This is a video exercise made with an arts teacher with whom I worked with for several years. Students were asked to bring in objects of importance to them. We photographed the objects with a digital camera and each student made a mini movie in a video morphing program. Together we chose as our de-construction, the story of Easter. After omitting all the nouns we numbered them. Their important objects replace the missing and extracted nouns.

Letter to Future Self. After school class, A.I.R. at Eyebeam, NYC  2000.

Students from a Bronx Junior High came to Eyebeam’s Chelsea location 3 times a week for this after school program. Incorporating journal writing and hope for the future, the first half of this semester was spent exploring ways to create video footage. Proceeding with taking their wish for the future, they made video time capsules. Depositing them into the future, they will act as a video spell to each future self.

In this video, the student wants to be a doctor, she mixes various methods of visual layering using Photoshop, downloads, and Final Cut Pro.


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