Class activities

The following experiments are in-class activities and group projects.

My classes include collaborative process oriented experimentation. Using the classroom as a laboratory is an important part of my teaching and research in working together and the creative process. By supporting the students to interact intensely with each other, they begin to lose their own identity and submerge themselves in the process, creating new juxtapositions, breaking habits and expanding meaning. These are process orientated games rather than made for the final outcome acts.

  • Pace University, Pivoting 10 camera shoot of visions of the future as declared and shot by members of the Video 1, OWS / Pace University team and notarized by Yesiree the Public Notary. Work In Progress, Fall 2011.
  • The Sidney Kahn Summer Institute at The Kitchen, an intensive 3 week course investigating technology as a language for collaboration and creativity. An 18 Channel video exercise game made with students of this summer program.
  • The Green Delorian LIVE CLASS MIX. Green screen day. Setting up all the video equipment, cameras and toys locatable, starting with an exquisite corpse style script we created this impromptu video performance. Students were in charge of various ‘camera stands’ consisting of toys, video writers, lights, paper & scissors matting station stands and the like, all fed into 2 live analog mixers. 18 students, Video 1, Purchase College, Fall 2006.
  • Directorial Debut. Classes begin with student led group exercises. This was to practice directing skills, group cohesion and activation. Intermediate Video, Purchase College 2009.
  • Balloon Breakdown, beginning of a 13th screen edited 9 camera shoot. Purchase College. Video 1, 2008.


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