The 13th screen

The 13th screen is a hybrid system that uses re-purposed surveillance equipment and software to cut multiple channels of synchronized video based on cue calls given by participants blackening the screen while shooting. Originally built for the Subliminal History of New York State, Route of Progress Tour, in each of the 6 visited town, a group of invited residents together document their locality with 9-16 synchronized video cameras. When the completed footage is played together into the system, it is dynamically edited to produce a single channel video projected aside a grid of the 9-16 originals. What appears to be random selections are actually chosen through the cue calls by the camera shooters hand over the lens signal while video taping. This blackening signals the computer to tell the surveillance equipment what video to present. This is meant to exemplify the whole as greater than the sum of its parts, the results of community participation when one is beholden to the group. On the final evening in town, organized through the community center or historical society, a public event is held that includes singing songs of the town, and a multi-channel video presentation. After the tour, videos along with a book of original songs of the Erie Canal, were gifted to each town. The 13th screen was designed by Carrie Dashow and programmed by Matt Raibert. 

zero1 San Jose



  • at Eyebeam in Interference, 10 Year Retrospective. A 5 hour two channel synced video from 13th screen productions across the State of New York with additional Route of Progress projects. Fall 2007
  • 01SJ / Zero1 San Jose. Identity L.A.R.P. student collaboration with Purchase College in Adobe Youth Voices, San Jose, CA. June  2008

The 13th Screen was created with an Individual Artist Grant from the New York State Council on the Arts (2007) and additional Finishing Funds provided by the Experimental Television Center (2008).

Lily Dale, Spiritualist Community, Click vimeo for more information

Installation view, Lockport, NY

Prototype of a 9 channel performance with Sxip Shirey


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