College Student Projects

Students awith Steady Cams

Pixels in the WIldPixels in the Wild (Link on Microrevolt) / Digital Media Studio, Purchase College 2007

pixel_port Project 1_(pre wilding) Bitmapped images first drafted in photoshop, then material made and re-wilded throughout campus for Beginning Digital Media class. 

OUTER THERAPY / Video 2 combined class project, Pace University 2012.

Combining class videos on different topics, the group created a super structure you see introduced at the beginning and between sections.

Toadally, Tale of the Undertoad / Video 1, Pace University 2012.

Assignment branch off from tales a family tells. A collaborative animated video in sections done by each of the makers; Connor, Sarah and Arielle.

Occupy Wall Street / Semester long Video 1 class project Pace University 2011.

Individual groups each focused on a section of the burgeoning movement taking place in Zuccotti Park around the corner. All sections were re-dited into a single video in end.

Amber’s Final Video 4:53 Amber Elliot Video Art 1, Pace University, Fall 2009.

identity-larp-11Identity L.A.R.P. (Link), Zero1 Festival, San Jose CA 2008.

9 camera identity search comes together in a 9 channel video installation to form one new amalgamated identity. Workshops and Installation, 01 Festival of New Media, sponsored by Adobe Youths.

LIVING WORDS 3:00 Freshman Sabrina Miller, Final video project, New Media, Purchase College, Fall 2006.

“A tribute to the process of Journaling that I have kept up for the past 11 years since receiving my first journals as a present from my grandmother. Yet I want to take this written process and capture moments as they appear in my head when I reread them. The images move a little faster, they are segmented, they tangent and are generally colorful. The main focus will be on the thought process of observing and writing about women. Women I meet in public spaces, and then more importantly the woman that is always on my mind, Brittany.”

TIN AND TWINE  7:12 Cinema Studies Seniors, Joseph Matoske and Al Rossin /Final project, Intermediate Video, Purchase College Spring 2009.

Using the camera as the in between of life and death Joe and Al go on a journey to connect the recent passing of Joe’s father to his new place of residence in Portchester, NY.

STEAL A KISS  Purchase College Senior, Mike Peter’s appropriation of Jillian McDonald’s Screen Kiss 2008.

MOUSTACHE  3:40 Jonathan Mittiga, Final video project, Sophomore, New Media, Purchase College Fall 2007.

Final project of this semester was to start with a question that you did not know the answer to. Jonathan created a journey that incorporates projects earlier done in class, interviews real and staged to conclude with a sincere light to the workings of many college male’s decision making factors, the female, as well as the female’s decisions also dissolving from – her father.                                                                                       

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE  3:30 Sophomore Jenna Klein Final video project, Sophomore, New Media, Purchase College Fall 2007.

The assignment for this video was to choose a topic you didn’t understand and use video to try to find the answer. Students tended to reach for big and unanswerable subjects. The videos were then meant to act as a journey.

Independent Production Class, Promotional Videos with Students for Purchase College Admissions, 2009.

  1. Biology
  2. New Media
  3. Environmental Science 
With select students, on a semester long independent study, four promotional videos of departments in the division of Natural and Social Sciences were made for Purchase College Admissions.

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