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  • New York College of Technology  CityTech, CUNY  Entertainment Technology and Advertising Design.
    2011 – 2014
    Video 1 Production. Shooting /Editing Video production course, with special projects and mentorship.
  • Pace University  Dyson School of the Arts
    2009 2012
    Video Art 1. Basic Shooting and Editing course in Video Art and Production.
    Video Art 2. Advanced Video class for Film Studies, Communication and Art Majors.
  •  Parsons  The New School, Design and Technology
    Core Studio: Time. Basic time based foundation of Video and Audio.
  • Purchase College  New Media
    2009 Cross Cultural Video. Cross continental student collaboration with students in other cultures, using the Internet to produce videos together on subjects of mutual interest, with a focus on developing a cross-cultural dialogue. Pre-production; two groups collaboratively write fiction. During the semester, they meet via video conferences with peers abroad to discuss and co-complete productions. This semester we collaborated with Egyptian students at The German University in Cairo. 
    2009 Production Team. Produced by Purchase College Admissions, this For Students By Students Production was an Independent study with 6 select New Media and Cinema Studies students to create several professional videos highlighting departments in the School of Natural and Social Sciences. These four videos used to attract prospective students are view-able on the Purchase College website.
    2009 2008 2007 2006 Spring / Fall. One to two sections per semester.
    Shooting and Editing Digital Video. Required video course for New Media majors, includes Media Society & the Arts and Cinema Studies students. Introduction to Digital Video production, history & contemporary practice. Self designed course integrating theory, production, viewing and critique.
    2008 2009 Spring
    Intermediate Video. I initiated New Media’s first upper level video class with a focus on content and agility of media with personal voice, confidence, collaboration and critique of the video medium.
    2006 Fall 2007 Spring
    Digital Media Studio. Introductory class for beginning New Media majors. Digital practices with art, theory, readings, critiques and Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.
  • International Center of Photography (ICP)
    Digital Video Practices.
    2007 Fall
    Introductory Undergraduate and Graduate video studio class for general studies and Bard Graduate students.
  • Rutgers  Mason Gross School of the Arts / Critical Studies
    2005 Spring
    Video Now, Then and On. Upper level Video as Art seminar I developed to introduce concepts of video as an independent medium, its connection to cultural predecessors and its possible futures. Discussion, critique and screenings.
    Introductory Video. Mixed upper and lower level art students shooting and editing video course using Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. I connected the two classes by creating a videopal video exchange. Here the video-making class created short videos to an anonymous member of the critical studies class, who responded in text. This began a dialog of who was more powerful, the maker or the viewer.
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  Electronic Media, Arts and Communication
    2003-4 Fall, Spring
    Media Studio Audio. Lab. Introduction to video shooting, editing and sound design. With Professor Nao Bustamante (undergraduate mixed).
  • The Kitchen  Sydney Kahn Summer Institute (accredited through Sarah Lawrence).
    2003 Summer
    New Technologies in Performance Art. Artist mentor and Co-curriculum designer. Performance and media based international art residency program for College and Graduate students. I co-wrote and designed performance curriculum, conducted critiques and workshops and co-organized mid and final performances.