Hello New York, open call for MetAtHome drawings!

Free MetAtHome

Free the Met, at Home!                                                          Whose home? Your home!                                                      Whose Met? Your Met!                                                       Which Met? The one on 5th Ave.!

Your Home + The Met Art = MetAtHome

Open request to New Yorkers (you Can pretend) for  illustrations (see more below)—to be included in a small xeroxed publication as part of the …Is This Free? exhibition at NURTUREart, Brooklyn, New York. Exhibition is open now, this piece will be included in the AUGUST 31st opening (through September 22nd, 2012).

Specifics/What I’m looking for:

IMAGINE /What if -

The Metropolitan Museum of Art dissolves and its collection is sent on rotation throughout the homes of all New Yorkers! A museum of exchange where nothing sits for very long. With about 3,000,000 NYC households and a collection of over 2 million, that means you get 8 pieces a year for a month each (leave the shipping up to is), but what will they do with the building..

For now, a piece of your choice gets to live at / travel through – your home.

Sit in your living room with a Vermeer, brush your teeth to a Nigerian funerary figurine, slip off to sleep next to a 600 BC Egyptian casket. Awake and toast an anthropomorphic Mayan deity. *IN YOUR HOME

 *IN YOUR HOME. ie: the painting, sculpture, object of your choice needs to be illustrated, collaged, ‘put’, superimposed into your living space, rather than just the object itself. This can be a photo of your sink with a figure drawn into the shelf above, or a drawing of your bed with Van Gogh above it, but it must have two things:

Your Home + The Met Art = MetAtHome

Be aware it will be produced 
in a Black and White photocopy, nothing fancy. Publication will be available free at the gallery and online for you to print.

Tutankhamun in the kitchen, Williamsburg.


  • Scanned 8.5” x 7″ (1/2 legal size, vertical Or horizontal (NOTE THIS HAS CHANGED if you’ve already started or sent it I will include  the smaller size).
  • 300 DPI Tiff or Jpeg images.
  • Name of the original artwork /deaccession (must be from Metropolitan Museum of Art collection).
  • Your name and neighborhood.
  • Deadline: Aug. 15th (earlier the better) to: carrie at dashow dot net


Take a copy of the fanzine publication at the show,
 and I will put a file online for you to download and make your own. What will be published depends on scale of entries.


If you forgot what the Met is and has;

  • see this introductory Trailer:

  • Virtually browse the Met collection.
  • Visit and go pedestal shopping! 1000 Fifth Avenue (at 82nd Street).

carrie at dashow dot net

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