Rand – A – Thon / Chevy – in – The – Hole


A marathon overnight collective reading of Ayn Rand’s classic, Atlas Shrugged around the burning barrel at Chevy-in-The-Hole, Flint Michigan, starting May 4th, 2013

Here ye, seekers of capitalism, years later, it’s the End of the World and we are wasted.
Come share and Huddle around the flame of the trash can fire in an
All Night Collective reading of the World’s Last Remaining Book! (Possibly because it May be the most printed book next to the Bible!) Can It Help Us Now!!

Meet in a waste barren landscape, imprint of a demolished General Motors Plant, Chevy in The Hole.

Shared reading at the end of the world, discarded copies of the book printed millions of times, can it help us now?

Reading together around a pit fire with in the refuge of outsourced industrialization.
Who is that lone hero of the modern world?

Free shots of Russian Vodka to readers!

STARTS 7 Pm, May 3rd
as part of the

Drawing by Willie McCraw Jr.

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