Yesiree’s Oath of Growth in Oakland CA!

handsOn January 13, 2016, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm join Carrie Dashow, a.k.a. Yesiree the Public Notary, in her performance Mutual Life Assistance. Channeling the legal power vested in her by the State of New York into an artistic gesture, the Oath of Growth performance empowers individual citizens in a binding ceremony with the earth and self-stewardship. During the performance, the citizens of Oakland are invited to take under their personal care, while performing an official, legally binding oath, a new Calendula seed to be planted near City Hall at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. At the end of each individual oath of growth, participants should anticipate a notarized, legally binding certificate, community congratulatory cheer, a special song and dance, and lighthearted, but legally binding, merriment. Participants will be required to show their photo ID before the notarization of their oath.

Later that day, Pro Arts invites the public for a lively discussion with the artist Carrie Dashow on the topic of Participatory Practice: Community-Based Action for Transformative Change. Carrie looks forward to discussing with audiences her own artistic practice and performing a group notarial act, conceived to empower the individual and the community and to inspire cultural equity, collaboration, and mutual respect and support.

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