1000 Fingers of Decision

Dec 27 – Dec 30, 2016
12 noon – 4 pm! 4 Days Only!!
New York Hall of Science – The Great Hallinvite-pry2

New York Hall of Science – In the Great Hall.

47-01 111th Street
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, NY 11368 USA
Take 7 train to 111th Street Station. Walk three blocks south.
Friday Dec 30th, 4:30 pm, Reception for all ACCESS Projects.

Part of NYSCI’s ACCESS Artist Scientist Collaborations. 
Over the summer I was introduced to Professor of Bioethics, Matthew Liao, and asked to make something out of his prospects of human engineering to better ourselves in the face of climate change. Combining his theories with my own feelings of the necessity of inter-connectedness with planet to further benefit both the natural an human worlds, I devised 1000 Fingers of Decision, where you are invited to make choices on how to proceed.
A very interactive piece, with a Cast of Characters!
Starring: Athena Barat, Nicholas Giordano, Eric Drasin, Vienna Enos and Isaiah Price. Sound Effects: by Suzanne Thorpe and extra Thanks: to Draga Susanj and Asia Sosnowski for help making the 1000 Fingers (of decision).
Looking forward to tomorrow! and Hope you can make it!

1000 Fingers of Decision is a project re-envisioning our actions as human beings in the face of climate change. Working with Philosopher of Bioethics, Matthew Liao, whose inventive and thought-provoking work regarding choices in re-engineering humans to make a better planet and lessen our carbon footprint (ranging from engineering smaller people who would require less energy and resources; to wearing patches that cause allergic reactions that would force vegetarianism to lessen livestock and greenhouse emissions), this project investigates human options with regard to the planet.

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